Women with Disabilities in Europe and Worldwide

Changing Things - Step by Step

The living situation

of women with disabilities worldwide is different from that of men with disabilities. Globally, girls and women with disabilities are affected by greater poverty, by sexual violence, and by less accessibility to ressources.

Representatives from the association Weibernetz repeatedly take part in European or international conferences to stay in touch with other women, to fight for the same rights, and to empower each other.

Women with disabilities in Europe

WeiberZEIT Special: Europe

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Disabled Women and Personal Assistance

Results and Impressions from the 4th European Conference of Disabled Women Paestum, Italy in April 2005

European Parliament of Disabled People

Results and Impressions from the European Parliament of Disabled People, 10th and 11th November 2003

Women with disabilities in worldwide

Beijing at 10 - Equal Rights for Women - Wordwide

Brigitte Faber, Weibernetz e.V., January 2005

World Conference of Disabled Peoples International 2004

Impressions of the Conference in Winnipeg, Canada

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