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Weibernetz e.V. - Politische Interessenvertretung behinderte Frauen


for the formation of a European network, to function as an organisation of women with disabilities,
Berlin 2nd - 4th May 2007

We, 105 women present from 17 countries have come together to form a European network of disabled girls and women.

We hereby declare that
the growing strength of the women's and girls with disabilities movement in Europe gives us courage;
we have joined together as a European networking organisation in order to be better able to fight for our rights
We see ourselves as an independent pan disability women's and human rights organisation.

We cordially invite all women and girls with disabilities and/or chronically illnesses to join us in order to:

The living conditions of women with disabilities in Europe vary greatly. However, due to similar structures which cause discrimination, women with disabilities all over Europe are still subjected to some considerable violations of their human rights. These are irrespective of age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, legal status, social status and religious or political beliefs. Women and girls with disabilities are still invisible with regard to politics and society. We are fighting against the multiple discriminations on the grounds of our gender and our disability.

By signing and then ratifying the new UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, European countries will agree to a legal obligation.

We are demanding the right to independent living and are therefore asking for the following:

In relation to politics

In relation to education

In relation to employment

In relation to sexuality

In relation to violence

In relation to bioethics

In relation to assistance

In relation to family

In relation to health provision

In relation to poverty

We are demanding the realisation of our civil and human rights, as well as equal participation at all levels. We are determined to achieve this.

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